Florida Foundation Repair & More: Expertise That Achieves Profitable Growth

The core operational competencies of our firm include Florida foundation repair, ground-up construction for all types of structures, repair of high-rise condominiums, threshold inspections, in-house drafting team, and repairs & remodels of all sizes. Competitors may be able to do the less complicated structural work but when it comes to sharpening the pencil and really doing difficult calculations, there's no contest.

Our Comprehensive Structural Engineering Services


Commercial, Residential, Condominiums, Multi-Story Structures


New Construction, Value Engineering, Redesigns, Remodels


AutoCAD, Revit, All the Latest Auto Desk Software, StruCalc, E-Tabs

Structural Inspections

Milestone Structural Integrity Phase I & II Inspections, Threshold Inspections, Damage Surveys, Comprehensive Structural Evaluations

Structural Repair Plans

Concrete Repair, Foundation Repair, Beam Repair, Pre-Cast & Poured-In-Place Repair, Post-Tension Repair, Wood Repair, Steel Repair